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to access an affordable alternative to expensive traditional loss-based crop insurance.

Weather Index insurance is based on innovative satellite technology. Dial now.

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Wonder how we are able to offer crop insurance for as low as Ugx. 30,000 ($8) per acre?

No insurance officer ever visits your farm. We use satellite and GPS to monitor and determine a pay-out for farmers should they experience weather related losses. It's that simple!


Weather conditions which adversely impact crop yields can be monitored using satellite.


All subscribed farmers in the same sub-county receive the same index.


During the season, satellite tracks weather severity throughout the insured areas.


Farmers are automatically paid a settlement according to the sub county average loss. No need to fill out a claim form in the event of a loss.


Farmers benefit from the government premium subsidy of up to 80%.


Ensibuuko provides an option for an end to end digital process from sign-up to payouts/compensation.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our crop insurance platform

We offer this product on behalf of the Agricultural Consortium which is made up of 11 licensed insurance companies.
Dial *284*10#, Put subscribing number and follow prompts) Pay with mobile money Our agents contact the farmer to complete their profile. We monitor your farm remotely and pay you when you lose crops due to bad weather. *If you grow maize, sesame, beans, soya or sunflower, you will receive weekly farm tips.
Yes, it’s the recommended time to subscribe for crop insurance for what you’re planning to plant as you will still have enough time before the subscription window closes
For USSD code subscription it’s up to 166 acres at a time but it’s up to infinity. You can subscribe for as many acres as possible. 166 is tied to the maximum transaction amount permissible by Mobile Money.
A farmer can choose to pay for multiple acres or pay for two acres or multiple seasons. Alternatively, a farmer could also pay in installments based on the options available on our USSD.
Every farmer will receive a compensation of up Ugx 290,000 per acre per season. The compensation is based on the level of crop loss resulting from either drought or heavy rains. You and all insured farmers in your sub county shall be automatically paid a settlement according to the sub county average loss.
Compensation will be done 14 to 30 days after the season has been closed. Your compesation will be paid directly to your mobile money or sacco account of your choice.
You can insure all crops except Trees and Sugarcanes. We do not insure those two because of their long season. Most of the food and cash crops can be grown and harvested within four months unlike these two.
For such crops such as coffee, cocoa etc. that have a longer propagation period, they may cut across two season which implies that subscription will be made in doubles that is if it an acre of coffee, it will be 30,000 time 2 season which is 60,000 meaning upon harvesting time, compensation will be times two as well.
Usually with such a scenario where a prospective subscriber lacks a phone, there could be many ways the subscriber could be assisted first being through a regional agent who in most cases is a farmer group leader or head who can subscribe on behalf of his fellow farmers who could be lacking the necessities to enable them access this service. You may as well contact us so that we assign a consultant.
Unfortunately, the initiative looks at only farmers with practicing on an acre and above anything less than an acre is not considered to qualify for crop insurance as it's still considered subsistence farming other than commercial farming but it’s still under consideration due to new commercial farming practices that are cropping up such as backyard farming.
Yes, it's possible to make multiple subscriptions on a single acre to increase crop cover and compensation at the end of the season in case of any crop loss.
No documentation is needed in this insurance. Weather levels are tracked throughout the season via satellite. If the conditions drop below average, then it indicates the onset of a drought rate or heavy rains and premiums in the weather index insurance are aggregated to sub counties. Everyone in the same sub county has the same payout percentage applied to their respective sums insured.
Sit back and relax! We will contact you when your compensation is ready. If you feel the urge to contact us, feel free to call us using the contact information provided on this website.
Yes, Insurance companies have enough money to pay all insurance compensations.