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Built as a cloud-based native microfinance management platform, it's uniquely designed to help SACCOs and Lending companies go paperless and become more efficient by digitizing how they manage customer data and transactions.

Cloud based

Access your data, serve your customers at your convinience. You don't need to be at the office to work!

Savings & Loans

Full & flexible loan and savings modules. Launch new products quickly & easily.

Internet & Mobile Banking

Your customers can access their accounts through our internet and mobile banking channels.

Mobile Money

Integration with mobile money and SMS services. Allow your customers to apply for instant loans, view statements, see their balances and receive SMS alerts on transactions.

Bank Integration

We bring the bank to you. Let your customers deposit or withdraw from their accounts through any of our partner banks. Perform automatic bank account reconciliations.

Integrated Accounting

Track expenses, payables, receivables, incomes, inventory easily. Upload bulk schedules and let the software run your accounting for you.

Indviduals & Groups

Track groups and their customers all in one place. Find out more about our app for groups here.

Inter Branching

You can now have better control and visibility over your branches and allow customers to be served at any branch of their choice.


We give you an extensive catalogue of financial reports with data filtering export features.

User permissions

We let you define what a user can do in the system. Teller? give them only transaction permissions.

Customer support

We give excellent customer support with our teams always on standby to help.

POS integration

We allow you and your customer to deposit/withdraw through POS terminals at their own convenience.

Why Mobis?

Mobis is built as a natural extension of your daily workflow, to automate the most tidious tasks of your daily operations. If its hard to do, chances are we have automated it for you.


Mobis is powered by state of the art security and cloud infrastructures giving you the best

Your data and the data of your customers is our priority. With access controls and fraud detections, you are protected!

Mobile banking first

Mobis allows your customers to access your services at their own convinience

From MTN mobile money to Airtel, to bank agents withdraws, Mobis has your customers back with our USSD and Mobile App.


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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Mobis our platform for SACCOs and Lenders

Is a set of banking solutions developed by Ensibuuko. For SACCOs and Lenders, we offer a cloud based core banking systems that digitizes all your operations and has the integrations you love. Interested in our version for savings groups and investment clubs? find out here.
Absolutely! Provide your data in the format you have it, and we'll take care of the rest. Our onboarding is always on standby for whatever services you might need to get you started as fast as posible.
No, not really we have an inclusive price model. Send us an email to sales@ensibuuko.com and we shall talk more about your needs.
The time taken to configure and deliver training to you on Mobis depends on the size of your organization in terms of volume of data to migrate, the format in which the data is organized i.e in excel, on books, or in another MIS system. For an average SACCOs of 1000 customers and below, the implementation takes one (1) month. The average time that a training on Mobis takes is 5 days. It could longer or shorter.
We have done everything reasonably possible to protect your data on our platform. Our servers are full proof and we have no record of any of our customers data being tampered with. We run daily backups and provide an ondemand data backups at your premises, but this will be a special arrangement between us and your organization.
No, our platform for SACCOs and Lenders come already integrated with mobile money and SMS, so you will not be required to pay integration fees. However there are standard transaction fees for mobile money and SMS that will be charged to your customers account.
It's an annually renewable license, but you have the options to pay monthly, quarterly or as a lump sum.
Yes, Mobis can be accessed on SmartPhones and Tablets.
We provide routine onsite support and on demand. Additionally, we provide remote support through Teamviewer, Phone calls, Zoom and Google Hangout.
There are no technical requirements. No servers or any expensive machines.